Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Five Tips to Avoid Common Fence Installation Mistakes

High quality wrought iron or aluminum gates and fencing are important to protect a property from intruders. But when it comes to installing fence, people make several mistakes,creating unwanted troubles for them. In this blog, we are going to inform you of five tips you should follow to avoid common fence installation mistakes.
Let’s begin.

Know the Property Line

Most people don’t determine the property line properly before fencing installation. Avoiding identifying property line becomes not only a costly, but also an embarrassing mistake for the property owner. This creates a doubt about you in your neighbors. Therefore, you should first determine the property line.

Keep the Posthole Depth at Least One Foot

Many people put the fence up with less depth in the posthole. This is really a big mistake because less depth makes the fencing weak and unstable. You should install the fence with at least one foot depth in the posthole.
Deal With Slope Properly

If yards have slopes, then the fence panels need to be adjusted according to the slope to get a uniform fence. Adjusting the fence according to the slope on the yard needs proper surveying and advanced fencing skills. So you should get the help of an expert in fencing.

Dig the property line carefully

You should be careful when you are digging the property line to install the fence. You can damage your drain pipes or you may damage the obsolete oil tanks which are still underground some properties. Damaging oil tanks, if they are there under your property, can cause release of toxic gas that can make breathing difficult, and contaminate the soil. Gas lines are particularly dangerous if you hit one.  So always call to have underground services located before you build your fence.

Know the Local Fencing Regulations

Your fencing should be built according to the local regulations. If you don’t know the regulations first, then you can violate them unknowingly and as a result,you may have to pay a fine and demolish your fencing.

If you don’t want to make these mistakes, you should hire an expert in fencing who can install a high-quality fence for you.