Thursday, October 8, 2015

Top 3 Iron Gate Ideas for your Home

Iron gates are one of the best accessories that you can add to your residence. Right from beefing up the security to adding value to the property, iron gates are an ideal choice. They easily score over their contemporaries on a variety of factors; namely, strength, durability and flexibility.

Iron gates are installed at the main entrance, front door, garden or pedestrian entrance and other important points at a house. The addition of other exterior d├ęcor elements adds on to the charm of these gates. They are classy, elegant and every bit modern in their style.

Some of the popular ideas for iron gates for your home include:

Sliding Gates 

(Manual or Automatic)

Sliding gates are a popular style in iron gates for residential property. They can be manual or automatic. If you do not wish to have them manned by personnel, automatic iron gates can be used. They have a motor added to their structure that enables easy sliding of the Iron Gate over the track. They also serve the purpose for entrances that have space issue. They are available in some exquisite designs or simple frames.

Swing Gates

(Single or double swing)

Swing gates are probably the most common among the iron gates. One can either have single or double swing gates as per the choice, space and requirement of the property owner. One can have a range of designs and styles in swing gates as well.

Ornamental Garden Gates

Garden gates, pedestrian gates, driveway gates and even backyard gates are generally known as the ornamental gates. You can enhance the security and also protect children and pets on the property. You can add value to your home exteriors with these beautifully-designed garden gates.