Monday, May 8, 2017

Metal Fences over Wooden Fences - Facts for an Easier Choice

In terms of security in the Vancouver area, homeowners often choose metal fences for their home. Having a high-quality metal gate is very beneficial, and one would find that many Vancouver homes have a well designed gate installed at the entrance. However, gates are not the only factor; fences also play an important role in home security. Since fences are generally made of wood or metal, there are specific factors to consider to choose between these two.

While wood adds a natural touch in the visible exterior of the properties, metal fences are often installed on properties because of safety, cost efficiency, and quality designs from reputable fence manufacturers and fabricators. As both are long term investments for the property, deciding between the two is an important task. If you are planning to replace or install a gate or fence in your home, you should have information in order to make the right choice.

Life Span of the Fence Matters

While wooden fences have a certain aesthetic appeal, they can only last for a shorter time than metal fences. Since it is a natural substance, wood gets damaged with time and does eventually require replacement. Unfortunately, a wooden fence can be eaten by termites,thus causing them to lose strength and security. If these aspects are a concern for you, then a good quality metal fence is the better choice of the two.

Cost of the Fence Matters

Having the fence installed is not very expensive, but costs can rise if you need to get the fences repaired frequently. The repair services add to the cost, thus making the sum bigger than just the initial cost of fencing. This is a larger concern with wood fences. A wooden fence often requires repainting and other maintenance services to preserve its appearance. If budget is a large aspect to be considered, then you are probably better off with a metal fence.

Wooden Fences Are Vulnerable to Fires

Because of the natural structure of the wooden fence, it is also vulnerable to fires. In case of any fire hazard, not only is the fence in danger, but the security of the home could be at risk as well. The damage done could be quite severe, adding another reason why metal fences may be the better choice.