Friday, February 4, 2011

Metal Gates Now with Innumerable Features in BC

New Custom Iron has been involved in the business of designing and manufacturing metal gates equipped with innumerable features in Coquitlam and near-by regions in BC. The company has an extensive experience in designing and installing all types of metal gates and employs advanced tools and equipments for the purpose of installation. 

Important features of metal gates designed and installed by New Custom Iron are:

Long-lasting nature

This is an important feature of these metal gates. Long-lasting nature of metal gates available at Touch of Class provides an efficient solution where one requires future generations to enjoy lifetime benefits from installation.

Wide variety

This is another important feature supported by metal gates. Whether one needs to install a home-security gate, decorative garden gate, a storefront security gate, commercial property security gate or any other type of gate, Touch of Class carries solution for all needs of clients.

Availability in innumerable designs and colors

Availability of metal gates in innumerable colors and designs provide customers with huge number of options. They can go with the one which match their needs and home color.

All these features make metal gates highly special among individuals and that is why, their demand among the people of Coquitlam and adjoining areas is increasing day by day.

About Touch of Class:

Touch of Class is a renowned aluminum and iron Works Company located in Coquitlam, BC. It has been serving customers with its high quality aluminum and iron products designing, production, installation, maintenance and construction services available all over Coquitlam BC.