Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aluminum and Iron gates

Touch of Class, an Aluminum and iron products manufacturer based in Coquitlam , offers aluminum and ironworks at affordable rates in Coquitlam and adjoining regions in British Columbia.

The manufacturer and known Ironworks designer has a wide variety to offer its clients in both the residential as well as commercial sectors. From retail stores, shopping complexes, cineplexes, municipality parks, gardens, schools to residential homes and their lawns and parks and others use the services of Touch of Class for their exterior decoration along with ironworks for their home and office interiors as well.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Aluminum and Iron Products Now at Affordable Rates

Touch of Class, an aluminum and iron products manufacturer, is offering metal gates, railings, fences etc at affordable rates for the people of British Columbia.

Touch of Class, also known as New Custom Iron, is a reputed aluminum and iron works manufacturer offering services in designing, construction and installation of metal products in gates, fences, railings, staircases and similar aluminum and iron products.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Iron Works and Metal Gates for that Nostalgic Touch

  1. Iron gates and aluminum fences add the nostalgic touch to the exterior of your homes and add the dose of majestic beauty to your homes, offices and even municipality set ups.

  2. With the turn of a new century, metal gates are no longer a thing of the fantasy world but have got a new meaning with the touch of modernity to them. Today, there are metal gates, metal fences, metal railings and even metal stairs for adding strength, security and beauty to home exteriors and even some interiors as well.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ironworks for your Gardens in Coquitlam BC

Ironworks from Touch of Class Aluminum and Ironworks offers exquisite collection of iron gates, railings, iron statues, wrought iron furniture for home gardens and commercial lawns, parks in Coquitlam BC.

Touch of Class or the new custom iron manufacturers are among the leading quality ironworks designers and installers in the region of Coquitlam and adjoining areas in British Columbia. Touch of Class is offering aesthetic and artistic ironworks designs and beautifully-designed gates, railings and fences for decorating your homes and offices.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Elegant Metal Gates to Beautify your Homes

Artistically designed metal gates add beauty and class to your home exteriors and also add charm to the property peripherals.

If you are planning to pep the look of your homes, then it won’t be a real piece of cake. Decorating your home and upgrading its interiors and exterior charm can be difficult without a good construction and iron works expert.

Metal Gates add charm and brighten the old world charm. A house or an official building, even hotels, pubs, municipality gardens, parks etc get an aesthetic touch with the installation of gates of iron gates, aluminum gates, iron railings, iron entrances etc.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Touch of class offers finest renovation

There are several iron works and aluminum product manufacturers in the British Columbia region who offer people with attractive and secure solutions with elegantly manufactured and installed iron gates, iron fences, aluminum railings, iron stairs, iron works, aluminum and iron garden decoration and other property peripherals.

For most renovation experts and interior designers, iron and aluminum products are seen as a new soul to the property at hand. They bring to use only the best aluminum and iron gates, fences and railings for adding both architectural elegance and security to your property.

Touch of Class Aluminum and Iron works is one of the premium manufacturers of Iron and Aluminum products in Coquitlam BC. It offers a wide range of security products like iron gates, Iron railings Coquitlam,iron decks, iron railings, aluminum gates, aluminum fences and the like. Touch of Class or New Custom Iron offers comprehensive solutions in the form of manufacture, installation and renovation work with regard to aluminum and iron products. Some of its wide range of products includes Driveway gates, Aluminum or Iron Pedestrian Gates and fences, Balcony and deck railings glass frame included, Window grills, artistic and modern staircase railings, Spiral staircases and much more.

In addition, Touch of Class also provides attractive range of hand-made wrought iron furniture. Most of the works from Touch of Class are computer-designed, manufactured under the best conditions and installed with supreme accuracy and keeping customer satisfaction in mind. Along with the renovation and interior d├ęcor part, they also provide quality restoration and repair services for your iron and aluminum gates, fences, decks, railings, stairs etc.