Saturday, March 17, 2012

Use Aluminum Gates to Add Beauty to Your Home

Many people use aluminum gates to add charm to their house. They are one of the most sought after gates that are widely used around the world.

Coquitlam, BC: Touch of class is a Coquitlam-based company that serves the various needs of people for aluminum gates. These gates reflect the beauty to one’s home when they are mounted at the property. They are available in numerous sizes and styles and can be used for making one’s house’s entrance as a center of attention. They are one of the most sought after gates due to the fact that people prefer them because of their low cost and advantage of aluminum over wrought iron. They are prevented from rusting when new innovative coating is done on them. They are constructed with a heavier gauge that makes them durable than iron.

Aluminum gates can be used as high a tech-tech and fancy and people can also find an opener for these gates. They are easy to install and require low maintenance. One of the main benefits of these gates is that they can be mounted at several places. They are non-magnetic and non-sparking.

Touch of class also deals with iron railings. These iron railings are a beautiful feature to any home. They provide a wide range of benefits to homeowners and also enhance the look of the property and adding value at the same time. They provide security against various elements. They have been into existence for a long period of time and provide durability. People prefer wrought iron railings due to the fact they can stand up against all kinds of weathers.

Iron railings can enhance the look of any staircase as they are available in a variety of unique styles. They can be chosen from a huge range of different wrought iron railings and offer unique appearance to match your own specific requirements. They need maintenance once they are mounted so that their appearance can appear to be bright and ensure robustness.

Touch of Class is a Coquitlam-based aluminum and ironworks company. It provides a wide clientele with aluminum gates, iron railings, metal and manufacturing and installation services.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Iron Railing Gaining Preference over Wooden Railing

There are different types of iron railing that can be incorporated. Same is the case with aluminium gates and this is the reason behind their popularity.

Use of iron railing has not lost its popularity even after centuries of usage. There are several reasons behind it. Using it, not only the look of your home gets enhanced, it also makes your property secure. Wooden railing is also an alternative but with certain disadvantages.

The iron railings score heavily in comparison to other options as these are more durable and also low on maintenance. While incorporating railings of iron, you also get a lot of options to choose from, which is absent with wooden railings. Moreover, these railings do not need to be replaced after some years, as in case with the wooden ones. Wood in comparison to iron is neither more tough nor is able to offer more choices. Similarly, aluminium gates are more useful than the wooden gates. Steel railings are also one of the options for those who do not want to go for the iron railings. However, if you think of giving your property the contemporary look then you have to choose the railings of iron over the steel.

Aluminium gates have other advantages as well. These are light in weight and still offer considerable security. Being a metal aluminum is very malleable and ductile and thus can be easily moulded in desired form. It is also easy to design an aluminum gate.

Another reason for aluminium gates to gain popularity is the fact that the technology required is readily available. Going in for natural wooden doors is also not good for the environment. Iron railing and aluminium gates find place in the contemporary design whereas wooden railings and gates have faded away.

Types of iron railings

Based on iron used to make the railings, these can be broadly classified in three types. Railings of Wrought iron are the costliest because of the intensive labour involved in making of wrought iron. Those made from cast iron are not as durable as the wrought iron railings but are less costly. Mild steel railings are the third type, which have the quality of steel as well as that of iron.

Development in making of iron railings

Advancement in technology, method of welding and processing of iron ore directly affected the availability of iron railings. Earlier it was very costly to get incorporated but with technological advancement it became affordable for all. Now, with even more advanced methods of processing iron, it is far easier and cheaper to get an iron railing incorporated to your home.

Touch of Class Aluminum and Ironworks has the expertise and experience of incorporating iron railing and aluminium gates. We offer wide array of services enhancing the view and safety of your property at best rate.