Monday, June 27, 2016

3 Steps to Prevent Corrosion of Iron Driveway Gates

Iron driveway gates are generally installed in residential, as well as commercial properties for security benefits. But such gates need maintenance services to prevent corrosion and rusting. With proper care, the privacy & security needs can be served for longer period of time and the overall appeal of the property will be enhanced with well-maintained iron driveway gates. The inherent quality of such gates is an important aspect as well, which can be ensured by buying gates from well known gate manufacturers. Maintenance of gates will ensure that changing weather conditions won’t have much effect on the metal surface of the gate. No matter what kind of design, or size of gate you’ve installed in your place, maintenance is required for them all. 
Are you worried about a reddish, rusty appearance of the gate on your property, or about its automatic functioning? You don’t need to. There are three simple steps that you can follow to maintain the stylish look of your place and the integrity of the mechanics.

1. Surface Cleaning and Smoothening

The rusty, red spots that can develop on the surface of iron driveway gates should be removed by scrubbing the surface with sand paper or a steel brush. Powdery, red rust will get removed with forceful scrubbing and you need to apply a coating of primer to prevent further corrosion. The gate surface can become corroded because moisture in the air, or inclement weather attacks the surface. With a primer layer in between, the effects of moisture are reduced. A further layering of paint over the primer can add an attractive touch to it as well. If you’re painting the gate by yourself, make sure that the hard-to-reach spots are painted as well.

2. Greasing

The moving parts of iron driveway gates need to be maintained for smooth movement as well. For that, grease works best. After regular use, it happens that a creaking sound occurs with movement of gate. This is due to the friction between the moving parts. Grease serves as a lubricant & smoothens the movement.

3. Automation Damage Repair

If you have features of automation installed in the iron driveway gate, the automation system may get damaged with continuous use over time. So, you should hire professionals for regular maintenance checks to prevent unexpected failure or damage.

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