Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Best Material for Your Driveway Gates for Homes

Thinking about adding a driveway gate to your residential property? You may have noticed that the majority of homes in Vancouver have metal driveway gates installed. The fact that metal has more strength than wood is not the only reason why there are fewer homes with wooden driveway gates.The driveway of your home is a prime entrance to your property and therefore needs the best security. Here is what makes iron or aluminum driveway gates in Vancouver the most preferred choice for homeowners:

Strength and Durability

When the primary purpose of a driveway gate is security, compromising on quality is just not acceptable. Though there are many materials available with which gates can be framed and fabricated, metal is unbeatable for its strength factors, which ultimately leads to the long life of the gates. Obviously, gates are a longer term investment for you property, so the level of quality is important to get the longest lifespan from your gates.  With aluminum or iron gates in Vancouver, you need not think about changing the installed gates for many years. 

Custom Design Flexibility

What kinds of designs of metal gates have you seen around your neighborhood that could not be made with wood? Why is it not possible to use wood for custom gate design? The reason is the lack of flexibility in wood, as it will get damaged when molded or bent beyond a certain limit. In the case of metals, such as aluminum and iron, this limit is not an issue. This makes it possible for you to get gates in Vancouver designed, fabricated and installed to meet your specific desires and design ideas.

Cost Effective in Terms of Long Term Benefits

When you have had to replace your installed gates within short time, because of wear and damages, you will want to invest in a durable new gate for sure. Making a wise one time investment in high quality metal driveway gates, for long term benefits, is a cost effective decision.