Friday, July 23, 2010

Touch of Class – Adding Value to Your Homes

Touch of Class, iron and aluminum works specialist in BC, has been serving the residential sector of Coquitlam with its quality iron and aluminum works. Its product list is long which is available for order to the residents of Coquitlam and adjoining regions of BC.

This iron & aluminum work specialist manufactures a wide variety of products for individuals which are made to order. All such products are durable and quality based. One can place order for a wide range of products including Aluminum or Iron Pedestrian Gates, Iron or aluminum fences, Driveway gates, Deck and balcony railings, Window security bars, Wrought iron furniture, Security doors and Privacy panels.

All these products are well-tested before being made available to the clients. They are produced to ensure security as well as beauty of home interiors and exteriors. The quality performance of this manufacturer is due to joined efforts of its skilled craftsmen and co-workers who work together to construct dream gates of customers. They consider designs, dimensions and colors of gates or fences chosen by customers for their residences.

They also bring to use advanced technology and equipments for the construction of iron or aluminum gates, fences, grills etc. Contractors and developers have keen product knowledge which helps them to deliver best from their side.

The manufacturer also offers free installation services for their residential clients. They do not cut corners and also install fittings without affecting nearby areas or neighbors.

Apart from services for residential sectors, this iron & aluminum works specialist offer its services to different commercial clients as well.

About Touch of Class

Touch of Class is a manufacturer and installer of iron and aluminum products like fences, gates, grills, stairs etc. It has been serving needs of its wide clientele from residential and commercial sectors in Coquitlam and nearby areas of BC.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Make your home a safe place to live

Gates play a vital role in our homes. A gate helps in creating first impression of our home in front of visitors. Moreover, it also performs an important role of protecting our homes from any kind of external danger. So, it becomes highly crucial to choose a good quality gate for our homes.

There are many companies which are working in the direction to offer excellent quality aluminum and iron gates to the customers so as to make their homes a safe place to live. Touch of Class is one such company based in Canada which is serving individuals efficiently with its high quality products and services. The company is involved in the task of designing, creating as well as installing exquisite and useful gates thus adding more value and beauty to homes.

Touch of Class is taking care of all small and big projects in a proper manner. This company extends its services to both residential and commercial sectors. It comprises of a trained team with years of experience in this direction. All of them are working hand in hand to meet the increasing demands of their clients. Apart from installation of gates, Touch of Class also facilitates its customers with products like:

• Aluminum or Iron Gates and fences
• Automated and manual driveway gates
• Privacy panels
• Balcony and deck railings
• Traditional and modern staircase railings
• Window security bars and grills
• Privacy Panels
• Wrought Iron furniture
• Security doors

About Touch of Class:

Touch of Class is a reputed company which designs, creates as well as installs high quality Aluminum or Iron Gates to residential and commercial sectors.

Beauty and Security with Metal Gates

Metal Gates play a dual role in enhancing property value. It not only adds beauty to your homes and offices but also secures it for living.

Metal gates play a crucial role in enhancing the value of a property. They add both artistic value to it and makes it secure for living. In case, one is willing to sell off their property for a fair price, then there is no better option than adding value to it with attractive and secure metallic gates and metal railings.

Both commercial as well as residential properties benefit from metal gates. There is extensive use of automatic gates, electric gates, and steel doors. Iron railings, iron and aluminum fences and other aluminum and ironworks used by homes and offices. There are many homes who are installing beautiful and large iron works and aluminum peripheral additions to add charm to their property. And offices prefer its use to add aesthetic sense and elegance to office and its periphery.

Iron gates offer elegance and old world charm to gardens, lawns, porches, patio and other such areas in the house. One can also add beautiful iron stair cases and classy iron works to enhance the visual appeal of their homes. Most offices are today indulging with addition of tall and elegant iron railings, security bars, grills etc for beauty and security reasons.

Apart from beauty, Iron gates and railings are also important for security reasons. They offer high and strong metallic protection against intruders and theft and offer security at different levels. Homes and offices install high and extremely strong metal products to guard their property. They are helpful in giving strength to the security standards. In addition, they are also helpful in helping protect young children from leaving the premises and crawling or strolling away.

Lastly, metal boundaries and iron fences also protect your commercial as well as residential property from trespassers and animals in some places. Hence, they are important in adding value to your property, enhancing its beauty and also provide security.